The Art of Writing

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I’m a writer and educator with 10 years of writing experience in many different genres and 5 years of experience teaching and mentoring adult learners. I invite you to sample some of my creative portfolio and to get in touch if you think you could benefit from working with me or you are interested in what I do.

I’ve always loved writing and reading. When I was a kid I wrote longhand on stacks of scrap paper that I clipped into my pink clipboard, and I banged out stories on my dad’s Brother Activator. (Ouch, remember typewriters!?) I gave all that up in my twenties to pursue more “serious” things. Eventually I earned a PhD in Philosophy (Northwestern). But the really pressing and interesting questions about life and its crazy joys and heartbreaks still seemed more accessible to me through fiction. So I started writing seriously. Around that time I begin copywriting on a freelance basis as well as teaching literature, creative writing and professional writing. I went back to school to complete a Master of Arts in English at York University.

I believe that writing is an art. Everybody can write, just like everybody can draw. With some training, courage, a pinch of talent and years of practice, you can write well and make art with your words.

Karen is a valuable resource to our company. She possesses the ability and skill set to quickly understand and assess a wide variety of industries and subject matters. Her greatest strength is to provide text and copy that is both compelling and easy-to-read, conveying the right message to our customers. We appreciate Karen’s proactive approach and her ability to meet and deliver upon tight deadlines.

Paul Hemburrow, President, PARO Strategic Marketing

I trust Karen to edit my work without changing the essence, tone or message. Because I’m busy, and a professional procrastinator, sometimes my written communications can sound rushed and scattered. So at first I didn’t understand why I was getting so many compliments on the newsletter article I’d dashed off and then I realized how much her revisions had improved it. Karen re-worked my words so our school parents and faculty made a real connection with my message and enjoyed hearing from me. I was even reluctant to write her a thank-you email without her expert assistance!

Leighan Basadur, Director of the Board, Halton Waldorf School

I have asked Karen to help me re-start the writing process for a stalled PhD thesis in Mathematics Education. Since we started working on this project, Karen has been very thorough, supportive, and motivating. She was able to quickly identify some barriers to my writing, suggest workable solutions and continuously provide valuable, practical feedback. I have been very impressed with Karen’s ability to assist in the writing process and have no hesitation recommending her to fellow graduate students or creative writers.

Gregory Belostotski, Post-secondary Mathematics Teacher and Doctoral Candidate









I work in multiple genres, always with an awareness of form and emotional impact. I describe my style as lean and precise, my fiction as literary fiction, and my poetry as modernist (so that I can do whatever I like!).

My research interests concern the creative process, the imagination, and intertextuality.


A philosopher by inclination and training, Karen is fascinated by the creative process and the natural world. Her work frequently addresses the complexities of relationships and the human psyche. She has published poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, reviews and articles in a range of publications and is seeking publication for her first novel.

Instructing & Facilitating

Karen has taught adult learners in a range of college courses including Introduction to Creative Writing, Myths and Legends, Food Literature, Writing for Design, Literature of Addiction, and Theories of Interpersonal Communication. She is currently exploring the new field of writing (and reading) as a therapeutic practice and hopes to soon facilitate workshops for therapeutic writing.

Mentoring & Editing

Client correspondence, short stories, dissertations…Karen works with clients to help them write whatever they want to write. She excels as a structural or “big picture” editor and especially enjoys mentoring clients in the draft stages of their projects.

In Short Fiction

“Coyotes and River Nymphs.” The Fieldstone Review 7, Spring 2014

Below view of people clinking glasses with each other
In Short Fiction

“Adults Only.” Prick of the Spindle 8.1, Spring 2013

In Poetry

“Do you recognize me without my Tomahawk?” Geist Magazine 91, Winter 2013

In Article

“Feminism Wrecked My Yoga Class: reflections on critique and freedom.” Philosophy Now 46, May/June 2004

In Criticism

Review of Russell Wangersky, The Glass Harmonica. The Bull Calf Review. 4.2 Autumn, 2014

In Poetry

Some Theoretical Considerations on Reading Dorothy Livesay’s Poetry” in Untethered 2.1 July 2015

In Short Fiction

“Talulah,” Maple Tree Literary Supplement 3 (Spring), 2009

In Article

“5 Guidelines for Using Technology to Motivate Students” and others, Top Hat education blog.

In Creative Nonfiction

“Along the Reef”, Cargo Literary, (5) Spring 2016

In Poetry

“The Last Farm in Mississauga”, In Layman’s Terms, (1) August 2017

Land of Great Forgetting
In Creative Nonfiction

“The Land of Great Forgetting,” in Obra/Artifact (3) Mythos Issue, 2017


“Do You Recognize Me Without My Tomahawk?”

Winner, Geist Magazine Erasure Poetry Contest 2013

“The Ordinary Wage.”

Shortlisted finalist, Malahat Review Open Season Awards, 2013

“Adults Only.”

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest 80th Annual Writing Competition (Mainstream/Literary category), 2012

“I Was a Belize Virgin.”

Winner, Island Expeditions Travel Story Competition, 2011

“The Killing Jar.”

Honorable Mention, GritLIT Festival Short Fiction Competition, 2010

“Durian Season.”

Shortlisted, Canadian Writers’ Union of Canada Short Prose Competition, 2010


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